Monday, April 15, 2013

Watery Cavern Tile

A few days ago a video was posted over at the Swords & Wizardy google+ page about making a watery look in a cavern tile. The original video was created by 'The DM's Craft' and can be found at the end of this article. I've been playing with building terrain for a few months now. I've been very curious about water effects and how to get them to look right and this is the answer. I took a day to work out my own tile and I'll show you what I came up with.

I didn't have all of the supplies that DM's Craft did so I used what I had on hand. It's pretty hard to find a place open on Sunday around here. As you can tell I didn't have the range of blues that he had. The main thing that I was missing was the textured paint. I had a bunch of thick sand type flocking that I sprinkled over the stones and walls. I really did not like the way it turned out and ended up rubbing most of it off with a sponge brush. You can also tell I don't use a hot glue gun much. The ripple technique is something I am going to work on.

I threw in a few more pictures here to show what it looks like in play and to show off a few of our minis. The dragon and the male wizard I painted. The female mage is one that my wife painted.

I have an identical base cut out that I'm going to use to make another tile using all the methods from 'The DM's Craft'. I will post the results and take pictures along the way. I honestly did not expect it to look half this good so I only took pictures after it was finished.

The DM's Craft: Simulate water pools on your handmade D&D tiles
Swords & Wizardry google+ Page

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